The MeLa Dance Company History

The MeLa Dance Company is a belly dance company based in LA County and Orange County.  The company was founded in June of 2014 by former members of the Belly Danceaters at UCI, Melissa Sanchez and Anela Isayeva, in order to perform and spread the joy that is belly dance.  MeLa enjoys practicing and performing several different styles of belly dance such as Egyptian, Turkish, Cabaret, and Tribal, but the troupe is known for experimenting the combination of belly dance with other forms of dance.  This is called the fusion style in which they blend the beauty and grace of other dance forms such as ballet, jazz, swing, salsa, merengue, bachata, and Argentine tango with belly dance, creating unique choreography and unforgettable performances.  MeLa also uses props such as veils, fan veils, Isis wings, veil poi, canes, and zills.  The creators of MeLa love dancing together and basking in the warmth of the belly dance community that continues to support them.  They look forward to learning more, expanding the company, and enjoying the beauty of belly dance and friendship.


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